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I have more books than friends - unless you count your books as friends. It's possible I have too many friends.

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After a couple of minutes of reading, the words disappear and a movie with every detail plays in my head. This is exactly what happens, it's not like I'm reading, it's like I'm watching a movie play out in my mind.

A man put books in a shelf with great accuracy ..  books library art   وضع رجل الكتب في مكتبة وجعلها تتشكل بشكل قارئ يقرأ كتابا .. وهي لوحة فنية بالغة العمق والجمال ..

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Pierre Chareau - Maison de Verre Bookcase Second goal in life, own house with two story shelf

A labrynth made of books...  I would have to start at the begining and read each one until I found my way out.  HAHA...I would love it!

I love the smell of bookstores and libraries. They always smell a little sweet yet musty because of all of the ink and paper that are on their shelves, waiting to be opened and read again and again.