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アヒルちゃん(^。^) おやすみなさ~い


アヒルちゃん(^。^) おやすみなさ~い

So cuute....You know...In elementary and Junior high I remember really paying attention to him. I thought he was a great skater & Cute.

雪野 on

Me: Yuzu? Hanyu: *turns around in slow motion* Hai? Me: *just saw a cute babe unicorn in front of me* I-i. *le gasps* *dies out of the power of cuteness.

Hanyu Yuzuru, who isn't a character but is a real person, an exquisite figure skater

Ice Skating Prince: Yuzuru (pooh bear senpai) Hanyu Direct photo reference was used for this piece.

Yuzuru Hanyu - Anan

Yuzuru you weren't supposed to take over my heart now it's with Jungkook



Winner Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu competes during the Figure Skating Men's Free Skating Program at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

He's a beautiful skater. After watching Yuri on ice it really made me remember my skating days.

how can someone be so cute and sexy at the same time??< no he's not kpop just a very handsome Japanese skater

< no he's not kpop just a very handsome Japanese skater<<literally these comments sold me and me watch him like as eagle 🦅😂I need help I've been on Tumbler to much😂😂