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Gorgeous pink clouds ما أجملها ،، وما أروعه !!؟

Worldwide Adventures: a Bucket List of Unpredictable and Non-Cliché Destinations ...

Garrapata State Beach, Big Sur, California -- photo: Don Smith Photography I love all of Don's pictures!


A beautiful sunset.a beautiful reflection.If you could bottle nature in a glass jar this is what it would look like.

Dramatic Elegance

The golden white light of Vairocana ~ magic sunlight over misty forest This is beautiful! Not sure who the photographer is but they must be so thrilled to have captured this!

HERE'S HOW MEDITATION BOOSTS YOUR HEALTH BEYOND THE BRAIN http://www.fastcompany.com/3042495/heres-how-meditation-boosts-your-health-beyond-the-brain

Here’s How Meditation Boosts Your Health Beyond The Brain

Here's How Meditation Boosts Your Health Beyond The Brain (Fast Company)

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Sunset (part2)

Sunset (part2)

Hesse, Germany (by BphotoR) Not an uncommon sight in Fuchsburg as well. They have a lot of trees.

Sunset (part3)

Sunset (part3)