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Faucheuse kiss Gobelin

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Gong Yoo - Discovery Expedition S/S 2014 Ad Campaign

Next week officially marks the start of spring, and new fashion ad campaigns haven’t stopped coming in since the beginning of the new year. The athletic Gong Yoo continues to be the face of D…

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Gong Yoo

You know you gotta have more of him! Meanwhile, Gong Yoo’s previously released spreads from Singles’ December issue may be seen here and from High Cut’s Vol. 114 are …

Gong Yoo. The feathered roman

Gong Yoo and Go Joon Hee for Mindbridge Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

배우 > 공유 사진 18 페이지

Enjoying a free spirited atmosphere, Gong Yoo appears in the F/W pictorial for outdoor fashion brand Discovery Expedition. Showing his perfect smile, he looks flawless in these shots. Who can feel …

Gong Yoo | 공유 | Kong Ji Chul | 공지철 | D.O.B 10/7/1979 (Cancer)

Gong Yoo | 공유 | Kong Ji Chul | 공지철 | D.O.B 10/7/1979 (Cancer)