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Can we just revive traditional chinese clothing? It is just so breathtakingly gorgeous and such an important part of Chinese history

Ancient Chinese fashion and costumes seen in period drama and films. 'The Empress of China' Fan Bing Bing and Aarif Lee #chinesecelebrities

'The Empress of China' ~ Tang Dynasty? If I know my history correct … Really want to watch this! Someone sub it please, I'll even accept a dubbed version!

From jade rollers to mung bean masks, 5 ancient beauty secrets from China

5 Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets for Better Skin

Wei Brian, beauty guru and the mastermind behind Wei Beauty a skincare line, shares her favorite beauty secrets from ancient China.

The dragon in buddhism by lubo-09

The dragon in buddhism by (As far as I know, dragon.is a loosely translated name for Naga when Buddhism was introduced into ancient China. Naga and dragon in native Chinese mythology are quite different.

Ancient Chinese Princess Clothing and Hair Accessories Complete Set

Fortune Cookie: ~ Ancient Chinese Princess Clothing and Hair Accessories Complete Set.

Ancient Chinese Costume   - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time. http://TravelNerdNici.com

Beautiful actresses and Chinese traditional clothing – a very extensive list

most beautiful chinese actress in ancient costume - 你的笑很迷人 = Du hast ein sehr charmantes Lächeln