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A photo guest book - polaroid and washi tape! Get a cheap but cute polaroid camera, a blank notebook, and washi tape in your chosen colors. Have guests take photos and then leave a message underneath. Love this, but polaroid film is expensive and rare!

Darling polaroid guest book idea!

Check out this awesome, colorful DIY wedding in Philadelphia!

30 Creative Polaroid Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

Wedding Guest Books

unique guest book idea - guests take photos of themselves and paste them with a note

My beautiful 18aout - Polaroid en cours d'achat!

Photo guest book with the polaroid.

Un guest book fotografico: a disposizione di tutti gli ospiti c'è una fotocamera Polaroid per scattare una foto e attaccarla all'album con dedica

Le 40 idee più originali per il matrimonio trovate su Pinterest

Nicolle Versteeg has officially made my day. My week even. And its all because of all the vintage sweetness sitting in this gallery. One look at the lovely will have you swooning over all the sweet details, the stunning light and

Create a photo station with polaroid cameras, extra film, pens, and washi tape so guests can snap a picture and leave a note |

Alternative Guest Book Ideas

To upgrade the traditional scrapbook, create a photo station with Polaroid cameras, extra film, pens, and washi tape so guests can snap a picture and leave a note.

Alternative wedding guest book with photos. 5 Alternativen zum klassischen Gästebuch | Hochzeitsblog - The Little Wedding Corner

5 Alternativen zum klassischen Gästebuch

DIY guestbook with Polaroid, Washi tape and scrapbook.

Large Message In A Bottle Alternative Guest Book. Only in purple, not pink

This lovely Guest Book Alternative includes 1 x glass bottle with cork 1 x black fineliner pen 1 x Guest instruction card 40 x paper message. Message in a bottle!

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cute polaroid guest book + washi tape! | Photos by - see the full wedding here:

Colourful Vintage Barn Wedding In The Countryside

cute polaroid guest book + washi tape :cool memories of your guests on your day.

Scrapbook for guess book. You would actually want to go back and look at this later. And there would be room for people to write personal notes with their names.

To Take Better Pictures - Stphanie Adrien - album polaroid - To anybody wanting to take better photographs today

Pour livre d'or Crédits photo : Madame Bidou sur Mademoiselle dentelle

Mon mariage champêtre et botanique : la décoration de notre journée

Pour livre d'or Crédits photo : Madame Bidou sur Mademoiselle dentelle

Envie d'un livre d'or différent? de souvenirs amusants? Pourquoi ne pas proposer à vos invités de vous laisser une jolie photo d'eux dans votre livre d'or? L'idée toute simple: laissez un Polaroïd à côté de votre livre d'or, du masking tape pour coller les photos! L'astuce? Louer votre Polaroïd. De nombreux sites proposent des solutions pratiques avec des formules tout compris (appareil photo + pellicules): Des clics photos, Bongapola, Polabox, Polaroid photos, Ciel studio, etc...

Un livre d'or photo -

Love the idea of Polaroid guest books, this one in particular offers a cool contrast between the photos, ink and flowers.

Wed & the City

Polaroid guest album - what an awesome idea!

Guestbook? @Jill Heydon Have people write notes, drop in vase on their table, and tape into book later?

washi tape wedding

I think I like this idea - Washi Tape Guest help arrange a friend's wedding.

Polaroid camera for guest book

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