Full Size: Incense Burner

“ This elaborate incense burner unites a Teotihuacan ritual object with a Maya mythological narrative.

Human effigy incense burner top    Dated A.D. 400–550 Dimensions 43.2 x 24.7 cm (17 x 9 3/4 in.) Medium Earthenware: traces of specular hematite (red), white and black slip paint Collections Americas Classifications Ceramics Culture Maya Object Place Department of Tiquisate, Guatemala Period Late Classic Period

Human effigy incense burner top Maya, Late Classic Period A. Department of Tiquisate, Guatemala Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Figura arte Zapoteca.Monte Albán.

Figural Urn Zapotec, AD (Late Classic, Monte Albán IIIb) earthenware The Walters Art Museum

Urn In The Form Of Cociyo, God Of Lightning And Rain  .                                    Mexico, Oaxaca, Monte Albán IIIa, Zapotec culture        Early Classic period (A.D. 250–600)        c. A.D. 400–500        Ceramic

Urn in the form of cociyo, god of lightning and rain Mexico, Oaxaca, Monte Albán IIIa, Zapotec culture Early Classic period ca.

Effigy Urn of Cocijo-Ancient America's-"Zapotec" AD 300-600 (Early Classic)-Mexico............

fishstickmonkey: “ Figural Urn of Cocijo (Cociyo) Zapotec, AD (Early Classic) ceramic greyware with traces of polychrome paint The Walters Art Museum ”

Orlando Museum of Art: Aztec to Zapotec - exhibit thru June 30. I see a trip to Orlando in my future ...:

Aztec to Zapoctec II: Selections from the Ancient Americas Collection Orlando, FL

Mayan rattle depicting a goddess, 600–800 AD

Rattle depicting a goddess A. Late Classic Maya The figurine presents a high-class woman, as denoted by her fine jade jewelry and fashionable, stepped-bang hairdo. She is framed by war serpents that likely constitute a portal, possible one.

Deity, 250-600 Guatemala, Petén region, Maya style (250-900), Maya style (250-900)

Guatemala, Petén region, Maya style Maya style earthenware with colored slips, Overall: x 22 x cm x 8 x 13 in.

Mascara de Teotihuacan  Museo del sitio

Cairo Egyptian Museum King Tutankhamen's Collection B.C) Toutânkhamon First floor - Section 3 Item 72 on 73 Ancient Egypt Jewel Area related Vallée des Rois (Egypte)

Keeper of the Place of the Dead

theseaowl: “ The Aztec Cihuateteo The Cihuateteo (see-wah-te-teoh) were the spirits of the women who had died in the battle of childbirth. They are often associated with the Goddess Cihuacoatl, the.