...Poor Xion. D8

Poor Xion, good for the Rikuplica, Zexion, look happier! And Vexen wraps it all up with a nice hug.

Lol a little over the top I think... but I do know some people that use 'of' and I'm just like -_-

Kingdom Hearts****

I didn't really have a good laugh about the bottom picture, but I just love how we slowly zoom up on the "of"

The End by christon-clivef on DeviantArt

Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep. Such a sad parting of ways. I swear the Kingdom Hearts franchise always knows how to pull at my heartstrings (no pun intended)

Jeez Sora that's the part you had to get a close up of.

Wandanyan's booby face is the best booby face Going to patiently wait for my game to arrive in the middle of May. \ Sora + Wandanyan (c) KH Comic - Soft and Squishy

Sephy, I think you might want to get a smaller sword...

Kingdom Hearts (Sora vs Sephiroth) - hahhahhah Getting Stuck by his trusty MASAMUNE ahahahhahahahah XD

Yes yes I have played this game now and it was hilarious in the game

I love him so much he was a easy boss fight but I cried when I killed him and when axel sacrificed himself for me!


Hahahaha<< this is me when I here someone talk bad about my friends