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Coincedent amplification with Kuzma turntable and Esoteric digital methuselahpalooza

High end audio audiophile Tannoy Westminister Royal Special Edition's

Listening Room with Tannoy Westminster Royal SE 1 390 200 руб.

Sound Lab A1 electrostats

High end Audio audiophile Loudspeakers The Amazing SoundLab Full Range Electrostatic's (fb)

High End Stereo - Page 15

Blockbuster Movie Theater Sound for your home. This really cool Hi End system was created by Stereo By Design.

Micro Seiki SX - 8000 , Audio Note Gaku monobloc's, Audio Note pre amp

High end audio audiophile listening room complete with gigantic horns!

7d1685b57d473ad89290ff7b88b51b48.jpg (780×539)

7d1685b57d473ad89290ff7b88b51b48.jpg (780×539)

514d37bd29db3a3cbab8f32317c39085.jpg 640×418 pixel

514d37bd29db3a3cbab8f32317c39085.jpg 640×418 pixel

Horn loaded pleasure at all octaves, 2-way synergy horns spiced with a horn loaded super tweeters and push-pull tapped horns. 2x BMS 18N860, 2x Eminence Deltalite II 2515, JBL 2446J, Visaton TL16H supertweeters.

Horn loaded pleasure at all octaves, synergy horns spiced with a horn…

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