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I never got my zodiac sign tattooed cause I've always thought crabs are ugly but this tattoo is so cute!

Brother sister tattoo

Sibling tattoos and I have 4 brothers and possibly soon 1 more brother and 2 sisters if we adopt


75 Sweet and Meaningful Swallow Tattoos

Coolest tattoo ever..!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I love this tattoo. Walt Disney's quote is awesome. And wonderland, panem, never land, hogwarts, and narnia are great places to visit I think.

rm and pulled it over her own bodysuit. Attached to the guard's belt was a stun baton and the ring of keys for the locker

These tattoos are really amazing and incredible in design. This is a short list of 15 highly creative tattoo idea for girls for those who are getting first tattoo.