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83 Bismuth -Bi- A brittle, hard, shiny silvery metal which is sometimes found in crystalline form. It is resistant to oxidation and has a low melting point.

Formerly world's largest crystal, a sample of the element Bismuth in the Periodic Table

Cristais de bismuto - A beleza geométrica das jóias do arco-íris - Stylo Urbano

Sea of Trumpets, Bismuth Crystal Bracelet, Colorful, Iridescent, Beautiful Unique Metal Jewelry

Bismuth - Microscopic Photos of the Periodic Table of Elements

Microscopic Photos of the Elements

Bismuth (Bi), by Ryoji Tanaka - Photos of the Periodic Table of Elements via science time ( I have this!

Bismuth_crystal_artificial.jpg (2492×3276)

The chemical element bismuth as a synthetic made crystal. The surface is an iridescent very thin layer of oxidation.

世界で最も美しい自然の鉱石が色々とヤバい! - NAVER まとめ

I could start a board just for this amazing stuff : BISMUTH! Bismuth Crystals, naturally occur like this after it's initial form is heated to a liquid state and then cools to form this geometric pattern!

Bismuth Ring

Little Blue on Bronze, Iridescent Bismuth Metal Crystal on an Adjustable Ring.

Bismuth - a metal that reduces feelings of separation and loneliness; induces feelings of oneness and spirituality

These color are magical! Bismuth: adjusts the user to higher frequencies, this element allows one to traverse easily between the physical and angelic worlds; transmutes complex thought patterns into simplified and more productive ones