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本日のお昼ご飯。 目玉焼き、キノコのソテー、レタス。笑 - 9件のもぐもぐ - 目玉焼き。笑 by jokai
'FRONTIER' EPIC TV SERIES S TARRING JASON MOMOA W hile Jason Momoa is slowly preparing to rule the aquatic world as Aquaman, he will f...
Everything We Know About Jason Momoa's Upcoming Netflix Show, Frontier
You wouldn’t be far off in saying Jason Momoa’s latest role is tailored for him. The guy has a way with a needle and thread. He was raised by a single mom who taught him how to sew, and Momoa made the majority of the 18th century garb he wears as a fur trapper in the Netflix series Frontier, which streams
The Wild Shadow, The Luck Blade of the Frontier: The only man to wield a Shadow Blade in over 100 years he is the wild and untamed swordsman of the frontier.
Frontier pit cobra: a viper cobra known in the northern plains of the frontier it is highly venomous with toxins strong enough to kill most frontier dragons.
流石!定番だけありますね 。   このピンストライプほんとうに使いやすい。   FRANC […]
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Homemade Butter and Little House - Love this classroom reading and hand's on activity idea to teach the kids more about the Little House on the Prairie era.