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Retro Neon

"Neon dreams: Central postcard celebrates vintage neon signs" A recently produced postcard features a sign based on the iconic Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry sign, an exposed flashing neon sign that hearkens back to another era of craftsmanship and design.

Bowling signs should always and forever look like this.
Photo by Shakes The Clown.

Sign Language“ by Marc Shur – A Vintage Sign Photography Project .

Royal Motor Inn - Livonia, Michigan - Vintage Neon Sign When I was little my parents owned a motel called the Royal Court.

dragon inn vancouver

Dragon Inn Kingsway Burnaby Vancouver We used to call it the Dragem' Inn! Ate there many a time.

'Frost Shop' Drive-In Neon Sign: Mariposa, California / photo by avilon_music

Frost Shop Drive In ~ Old Neon Sign. My mom always spoke fondly of the "Frost Shop"

This delightful 1950s sign serves as a reminder of the LOST DUTCHMAN MINE.  Mesa, AZ

This delightful sign serves as a reminder of the LOST DUTCHMAN MINE. This old motel/lodge is believed to be located in the Phoenix area.

Burro Jim Motel near Phoenix, AZ. Burro Jim looks like he's seen better days, but the sign is still very cool.

Burro Jim Motel, Color TV Refrigeration neon sign - Aguila, Arizona "The sign was still there, March ~~mb~~