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Wai-Ching Zolotova dress - This was one of the wedding dresses I fell in love with. I think it was one of my top two contenders until I fell in love with mine.

Artistic Bridal Dress Ombre Silk Wedding Dress by WaiChingBridal

JOSEPHINA DRESS Soft, antique ivories are underlined with a dramatic red, while rich brocades shimmer with a hand pierced silk collage. -Pleated silk bodice and waistpleats -

steampunk fairy dresses | Fantasy Wedding Dress Steampunk Alternative Victorian-Choose your ...

Fantasy Wedding Dress- Kirsten Gown- Steampunk Alternative Victorian Fairy Stripes-Choose your Color and custom to your size

This wedding dress is fantastic! I never considered lots of color before but WOW!

Wai-Ching on Offbeat Bride

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