Francis Bacon in his studio...

George Dyer in Frances Bacon’s Reece Mews studio, London (c. Photo by John Deakin Dyer and Bacon were a couple for eight years.

Edward Hopper

Edward and Jo Hopper in the painting room of their studio in S. Truro, MA on Cape Cod. Hopper is working on his famous oil "Sun in an Empty Room", You can get a sense of how sparsely furnished the studio was.

Francis Bacon in his Studio 1977

Other people’s creative crap is fun to look at - Francis Bacon’s studio - I need a studio to have this mess:))

BrassaiPicasso Studio 1944!

L’Atelier de Picasso [Picasso’s Studio] Rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris May 1944 From Brassaï, Paris. Picasso's Dog from Stella McLeod


Pablo Picasso at home. Smoking, boxered man reading a book about himself. The photographers styling or Picasso's?