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Michal Brezina

In depth analysis of the picture: michal has a nice ass and wants a fucking.

So cuute....You know...In elementary and Junior high I remember really paying attention to him. I thought he was a great skater & Cute.

雪野 on

Me: Yuzu? Hanyu: *turns around in slow motion* Hai? Me: *just saw a cute babe unicorn in front of me* I-i. *le gasps* *dies out of the power of cuteness.

Johnny, Evgenia, and Yuzuru as Yuri on Ice characters

Ice skaters are fan of Yuri On Ice - Johnny Weir, Evgenie Medvedeva, Yuzuru Hanyu

You better be my Senpai ;) Hanyu Yuzuru

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan, Olympic Gold medalist of Sochi Winter Olympics,

Ice Skating, Figure Skating, Hanyu Yuzuru, Kim Yuna, Fifa 17, Olympic Champion, Rising Sun, Holy Spirit, Skate

Photo of Daisuke TAKAHASHI

Photo of Daisuke TAKAHASHI


It’s not long before we can see yuzu back on the ice all healthy and well-rested and at the meantime i shall binge on more mushroom yuzu vids and lying on my bed waiting for yuzu to sweep me off my.

#NHK trophy Practice 2014.11.27

#NHK trophy Practice 2014.11.27