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animal-factbook: “Penguin parents can sometimes be overprotective of their young. Due to this, the baby penguin often tries to rebel in subtle ways, such as dancing around when they should be standing.


Funny pictures about Real Life Happy Feet. Oh, and cool pics about Real Life Happy Feet. Also, Real Life Happy Feet.

A juvenile gentoo penguin with an adult on the Antarctic peninsula. Photograph: Paul Goldstein/Exodus / Rex Feat/Paul Goldstein/Exodus

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Week in Wildlife: Juvenile Gentoo penguin demands food, Antarctic Peninsula - 2011 they're saying "come at me bro!

A list of Animals that Start with E. This large collection of animals starting with E contains the meaning and an example of the word in a sentence. #animalsthatstartwithE #animalswithe #EMPERORPENGUIN

15 Amazing Animals that Start with the Letter E

Two adult Emperor Penguins standing with two chicks, Snow Hill rookery, Weddell Sea ice, Antarctica. Photo by Paul and Paveena McKenzie.