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jon voight
The Odessa File, 1974 <あらすじ> クリスマスも近くなったハンブルク。西ドイツのルポライター、ペーター(ジョン・ヴォイト)はケネディ暗殺と同じ日に自殺したあるユダヤ人の日記を見つける。日記にはユダヤ人絶滅収容所の過酷な体験が記されており、残虐非道な収容所長ロシュ...
Jon Voight - Acting or politics his passion is very evident.
Alfred Hitchcock 1926
To Kill a Mockingbird
Jimmy Stewart’s original attempts to join the Army were rejected because he did not meet the height and weight requirements to become a fighter pilot. Unfazed by the setback, Stewart found an alternative route by joining the U.S. Air Corps, where he would quickly rise through the ranks and become a Colonel in just four years. He won virtually every Medal of Honor available, helped fly crucial missions in Nazi Germany and would later fly B-52 Bombers through Vietnam.