"Oliver, you have grown into a hell of a man" - Quentin and Oliver #Arrow
Arrow - Quentin Lance VS Team Arrow #3x18 #Season3
Arrow - Roy & Quentin #3.12 #Season3 I don't know why but I thought this scene was funny. But how in the hell did Thea and Quentin figure out what Roy was so quickly, but it will take them years to figure out that Oliver is the Arrow?! I don't get this shez.
#Arrow 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire"
Arrow - Diggle and Oliver #3.7 #Season3 #Olicity ♥
Arrow - Felicity & Oliver #4.13 #Olicity <3
They cam so far! I love that Oliver never gave up! I hat what they are doing with this show, and I am devastated Oliver lost one of the last people I could actually stand to open their mouths!
The Flash - Felicity, Iris and Barry #1.4 #Season1
Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #Olicity <3 <3 <3
I love Hetty. But Granger I don't know, there's just something about him I don't like.