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Lion king

remember who you are Lion King tattoo! Seriously love this. My favorite movie. Considering getting this tattoo, not the lion, but the words. It means a lot to me.

Mickey Mouse Tattoo

24 incríveis tatuagens sutilmente inspiradas na Disney

35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s (via BuzzFeed)

35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s

If I was a tattoo person I'd look like walking disney show. 35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s I think the Peter Pan one is my favorite.

'agape' means unconditional love in Greek. If you are an active christian, you are living in agape through all the blessings and grace given you by Christ. No tatoo is needed; your name is engraved on His hand.[But the tat is great too!]

Location for tattoo “agape” means unconditional love in Greek. Not a big fan of tatoos for myself, but this one I like alot! It reminds of this song we use to sing in church when I was growing up about God's unconditional love.

peacock feather tattoo   - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

the outer beauty of a peacock feather shows the inner beauty of a person wearing it as a tattoo. People with peacock feather tattoos are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and always optimistic about life.

35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s (via BuzzFeed) - not that I would ever have the guts/pain tolerance to get a tattoo, but this one is PRECIOUS.

35 Wonderful Tattoos For Disney Fan(atic)s

Toy Story, That would be Awesome. Especially if your name is Andy! If you're a woman that is into putting your significant others name on your body, and His name were Andy!

So cute!

Disney Lilo and Stitch favourite movie Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

leopard tattoo.. i want right meow.

Tattoo, I've always said I was gonna get leopard or cheetah skin tatted on me. I like the way this is so bold and stands out.

Tattoo quotes

Never a victim forever a fighter quote tattoo on side body. Such a cool saying and tattoo

Psalm 23:4

30 Inspirational Bible Verse Tattoos


bible verse cross: In the depth of every storm I know he is God.I stand still and wait for his hand to carry me away