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It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone .but later on in life you look back and see how much it was worth it ☺️

Trashy language but this one goes out to a couple of sister in laws I have the displeasure of knowing and To the father in law and step mother in law

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Even if they are running our country?

no thanks I'm not gonna let idiots ruin my day. Be yourself no matter what other people think. Trust me you'll make much more friends and have much more fun. If they think you're weird they're not worth it.

Took a long time for me to learn this but it feels great to finally get it. It's OK to be sad, not everything is rainbows....just learn balance. Never been at such peace.

Don’t fake being okay. You only hurt yourself. Be real with what you’re going through, just don’t let it consume you.