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Integrated Bridge System by Rolls Royce

Integrated Bridge System by Rolls Royce

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania sci fi landing troops interior

I would think this was the interior of the Cobra but it's missing some features I see in my own Cobra. Could be an earlier revision, or a different ship.

The Futuristic Bridge Rolls-Royce Designed For Its New Ships Looks Like a Spacecraft Cockpit

The Futuristic Bridge Rolls-Royce Designed For Its New Ships Looks Like a Spacecraft Cockpit

The Futuristic Bridge Rolls-Royce Designed For Its New Ships Looks Like a Spacecraft Cockpit

ArtStation - Alien Covenant - Lifter, Steve Burg

Director: Ridley Scott Production Designer: Chris Seagers VFX Supervisor: Charlie Henley While developing the two small shuttles, Chris Seagers and I settled on the idea that both craft would have shared components.


texture art is used to to create the environment within a game, which is useful for mapping out the interiors which can be used in levels and cutscenes

« Ce sera l’avenir du transport maritime, j’en suis certain ». Michael Mäkinen, président de Rolls-Royce Marine, n’use même pas du conditionnel : les navires sans équipage navigueront dans quelques années. « Les choses se sont accélérées ces deux dernières années. On le voit dans les autres secteurs des transports : l’automobile, les drones, les technologies sont matures. Ce sera bientôt au tour du shipping ».

Rolls-Royce Reveals Vision of Shore-based Control Centers for Unmanned Cargo Ships – gCaptain

Earth Day #Geocaching #CITO with Parks #Canada #geocaching #Earthday #fort. Removing invasive species in one area and planting in another.

Victoria Geocachers 2013 Earth Day CITO at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites with Parks Canada.

As upwards of 26 billion trees are cut down every year and only 15 billion are replanted, we're facing a deficit. As seed bombing has taken on a new meaning, airplanes are retrofitted to drop seeds instead of bombs; the potential for replantation is vast.  One engineer claims to be able to repl

Ex-Nasa man to plant one billion trees a year using drones - The drones will fire pods containing pre-germinated seeds at the ground

FedEx Drone concept on Behance

Despite not being in action, drones are nothing new to the game of home package delivery. This drone concept for FedEx, however, introducing modularity to the

Syndicate // Environments

Cyberpunk, Future, Futuristic, Syndicate Concept Art by Bradley Wright

Ulstein Bridge Concept at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

The overall aim of the UBC project is to develop new and innovative designs of the ship's bridge through developing and applying new innovation processes.

See the LOGAN'S RUN Remake That Never Was in Art by Trevor Goring, Ed Natividad and Ben Procter « Film Sketchr

Logan's Run concept art by Ed Natividad Check out Logan's Run concept art and storyboards by Trevor Goring, Ed Natividad a.