From Scratch: Knitting for Seasons Past Free Headband Pattern

Knitting Pattern Name: Cabled Winter Headband Free Pattern by Melody the Haberdasher

Free Cabled Headband Knitting Pattern.

Free Cabled Headband Knitting Pattern - looks like a good way to dip my toe into cable knitting

Knitted - Cabled headband - Free pattern - Downloaded and printed

You may not have any blue blood, but this beautiful knit headband pattern was made for royalty. The Cabled Crown Headband has a classic cabled stitch that reminds us of a gilded crown.

FREE PATTERN:  Easy Cabled Headband

FREE PATTERN: Easy Cabled Headband

Here is something that has been popular with the Brown Sheep Bulky Superwash yarn. My knitters can get a headband and a scarf from two balls. The scarf pattern will be released free next week.

another braided cable ear pattern. If only I could knit... good thing I know someone who does!

After many attempts at this, I& finally decided on a pattern that works best and is most time efficient. Initially, I though I would brai.