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super-mario brothers

キャラ弁◎クッパVSマリオブラザーズ by maman..|CROOZ blog

elephants!? don't know what they're really made of, but jicama would work. Look at all the nibbles down the right... mmmm.

I'm thinking this can be made with a babybel cheese too, you know in case you can't find fish cake in your neck of the woods.

Baby food  bento

Baby Bento (site not in english - other bento images on that site)

うずらでお魚さんのお弁当☆ なんだか、夏の絵日記のお魚みたいです~^^

うずらでお魚さんのお弁当☆ なんだか、夏の絵日記のお魚みたいです~^^

chicken & chick sushi roll


kolirakkuma & medamaoyaji  tataki Donburi