pretty pink bow-so glad ribbons are making a comeback! Haven't liked my ponytail ever since I had to stop wearing ribbons!

pastle pink and blue undertoned hair colors...I have wanted this forever!

Blonde, pastel pink, blue, and aqua. Just without the pink for me.

smokey blue

I like pink, summer time, and post-it notes. I'm a Fashion Merch. or these pictures are not my own and I have no idea where the clothes in them come from.

Hair Color to Try: Marvelous Purple Hair for Chic Fashionistas

Hair Color to Try: Marvelous Purple Hair for Chic Fashionistas

I'm dreaming of purple hair right now. But if I dye my hair purple, Wouldn't it stain once i dont want the color anymore?

cool gradient hair color

Blue hair is creative and fun. Find out how to lighten, dye, and maintain your favorite blue color.

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There are ombre hair colors, highlighted hairstyles, balyage, layage hair trend and more. In the gallery of Color Ideas for Hair pictures.

Teinture turquoise bleu pastel flash

I love braids. My favorite is the dutch braid, sometimes known as the inverted French braid. "Dutching it", as I like to call it when I braid my hair this way, is super easy and fast - much faster than "Frenching it" :)


Plum hair - love it! Can't wait for my hair to be long enough to do a top bun and have a cute hair colour

I am so thinking about doing this to my hair!!!

Purple hair is fun and interesting. Discover how to dye hair purple and stand out from the crowd with this vibrant color.