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Tranformers is my all time favorite cartoon show. I am talking about the original Transformers cartoon of the not any of the anime Transformers

Super BadAss ....

I do not own this custome nor did I make it I'm simply show casing it. Custom Dinobots and combiner Exstinction

TF MTMTE TPB05 Cover by markerguru.deviantart.com on @deviantART

dyemooch: Line art by Alex Milne (lines here)Edit: colors by me! I’m starting to love doing cel-shaded covers likes this! There’s another one I did for a thing, but you’ll know it when you see it

Transformers in old Argos catalogue

Take a blast into the past of retro goodness with this wonderful scan photostream of the entire 1986 Argos Catalog. From vintage toys, to vintage duvets, cooking tools.

86 Autobots tribute colours by *markerguru on deviantART - Transformers Hot Rod, Wheelie, Springer, etc.

86 Autobots tribute colours by *markerguru - Transformers Hot Rod, Wheelie, Springer, etc.


by *markerguru on deviantART - Transformers Autobot. Blaster my favorite Autobot of all time!