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Pegasi Breakfast by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt

Quick painting tonight, experimenting in light and colors, more subdued. So who has fallen asleep eating breakfast?

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers>>> omg "dis gonna B gud" 😂😂

Commander Timepiece

Commander Timepiece

Motherly Instincts by RoyalRainbow51 on DeviantArt

I expected Applejack handing the foal/colt to Fluttershy actually :)<< you gotta remember that AJ has got a little sister that she raised.

Dashing by *Sokolas on deviantART

Dashing by *Sokolas on deviantART . Will have to print and frame this for the bugs room.