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Slugthrower Sidearms - Atomic Rockets

Captain Diamond And The Space Pirates, vintage space comic, Great Britain

This was a toy kit sold from 1951-1952, contained 4 different flavors of uranium ore, a geiger counter, and a miniature cloud chamber.  All this for 50 bucks!  (Okay, that's a bit more expensive than what it looks like...)

Most dangerous toy ever? The Atomic Energy Lab from The kit came with four different types of uranium ore so kids could "discover the secrets of radioactive materials.

The Vault Of The Atomic Space Age

“As we were flying on a rocket” (artist V.Gortinsky), The Soviets really had a space jones, didn't they? Space is hard work.

Blasting off, Major Tom!  Digital collage by me.  Rocketship scan from a Taschen Book image of a vintage box of space-themed macaroini (no joke).  Background, my own creation, based on the scan from a vintage Star Trek children's book, with more planets and stars added by me.

Space and all its frontiers. Rockets, astronauts, science fiction and fantasy. Ephemera from my personal collection of stuff that's out of this world.