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Hetalia Text Posts
Hetalia Text Posts
Terrorizing its populace, Jack the Ripper has shaken London to its very core…
Oh these two devious little boys xD #hetalia #askthelittlenabros {}
XD aber in Deutschland sehen die nicht so aus. Wer so einen Spruch lässt, wie der, der auf dem Tisch steht, wird denke ich schnell sehr allein die meisten Tische sehen doch eigentlich nur voll langweilig aus oder?
I've never watched Hetalia, but this is adorable. (And I can think of plenty of situations where this would work - like with my brothers.)
Now I'm sad.<<< it's not really that sad, that's life, it's the way it is. Plus, the drawings are really good, I couldn't draw that good even if i tried
I'm not crying.....I'm just sweating through my eyes......oh who am I kidding I bawled my eyes out reading this ; _ ; so many feels
I found the guy! >>> XD... Aaaand nobody but Hetalia fans get the joke...