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The Totally True History of Video Game Graphics. sorry, completely unrelated but I just cant help but rant about this. SKYRIM HAS SOME OF THE BEST GRAPHICS THAT YOU DICKS WILL EVER LIKELY SEE; APPRECIATE THE VANILLA GAME MOFOS!!

The Totally True History of Video Game Graphics

The Totally True History of Video Game Graphics. Which cracks me up because skyrim has the best out of all of those ~maddie~

15 Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Furniture That Will Inspire Your Inner Nerd

This is a custom Space Invader couch. It is sure to bring the nostalgia feeling to the room. Add a custom Nintendo Coffee Table & you're set! If that's not enough, there's a giant NES controller on the coffee table… And it WORKS!

this is more awesome than I know how to express. Handheld Nintendo 64. I NEED this.<--- where do I but this?!!!!!!

Just a handheld N64.

Handheld Nintendo 64 - The inclusion of a GameCube stick seals the deal for us.

10 Nintendo Infographics That You Need to Level Up

The Evolution of Super Mario Infographic - still my favorite video game :D

The sadness...but they die so easily and when I first started playing Skyrim I could never get enough coin to purchase them and I would always steal them and that in itself was a bad idea!

It's so much more depressing when an animal dies.don't even get me started on virtual doggie deaths. I miss my dog in Skyrim.

What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

What You Didn't Know about Nintendo Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Gaming category. Check out What You Didn't Know about Nintendo now!

Assault a person guards come Guards: Stop in the name of the law Assault live stock guards aim to kill

Funny The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim memes

Skyrim - - HAHA I have totally thought the same thing.he even said that once when I had an arrow sticking out of my head!<--- Arrow to the knee is a way of saying that they got married

Video Game Logic

female armor in video games. Skyrim is actually really good about having decent female armor, but this was to hilarious to pass up.