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Photo: Arbalester

m Fighter Chain helm Crossbow Sword portrait lwlvl Арбалетчик, автор Шишкин Андрей.


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Тевтонский арбалетчик, натягивающий тетиву с помощью крюка или когтя на поясе

Ненавистное Богу варварское оружие. Арбалет, ч. I - сквозь историю

Teutonic troops at the Battle of Grunwalde

German Tuetonic Holy Order of Knights. The foreground shows a Sergent-at-Arms, to his left & right Men-at-Arms, mounted a full Knight Monk

last knight by PieroMng on DeviantArt

Let's play a game(D&D text adventure)(All spots filled) - Off-Topic - Comic Vine

Groene Tenten

Medieval tactics: With the advent of mounted knights (heavy cavalry) there was…

Landesknect and Reiter. This by the appearance of the armour is late in the life of the Landesknechts possibly towards the end of the sixteenth century.

Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXV


These slave-soldiers were the Turkish Infantry equivalent of the Egyptian Mamluks.