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There and Back is a 5.6 ABV 40 IBU English Bitter from Sierra Nevada and New Glarus. The appearance is amber and the nose earthy and bready malt. The flavor is similar, basic caramel malt and dry bitter hop finish. The mouthfeel is moderate and crisp. It's a decent bitter, dry and refined, but nothing extraordinary.
Bear Republic Red Rocked (American Amber / Red) Ale is 6.8 ABV.  The appearance is amber red and the nose sweet biscuity and caramel malt.  The flavor follows, sweet amber malts with a solid bitter hop presence on the finish.  This has great depth of flavor for a variety that can be run of the mill, and the mouthfeel and texture also show a depth of character.  This is a top notch amber that has all those easy drinking characteristics but with rewarding complexity and hop presence…
Cerveja Captain Lawrence Captain's Kölsch, estilo Kölsch, produzida por Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Estados Unidos. 5% ABV de álcool.

Captain Lawrence Captain's Kölsch

Genesee Bock from Genesee / Dundee Brewing is 5.2 ABV.  The appearance is amber copper and the nose caramel malt.  The taste is your basic bock with a strong and sweet caramel malt finishing only lightly bitter.  It's mostly clean with a moderate carbonation and almost creamy mouthfeel.  Genesee's Bock is totally cheap and one dimensional but serviceable for what I've come to discover as Trader Joe's bottom shelf lineup.  Genesee is a local (Rochester) mainstay so I'm not sure of the…
Saranac's Octoberfest, from Matt's Brewing out of Utica NY is a Marzen/Oktoberfest coming in at 5.4 ABV.  The appearance is coppery and bubbly and the nose is bready and malty with some nice sweetness.  Taste is very mild but extremely pleasant; sweet and toasty with a nice bitter and spicy hop finish.  This won't blow anyone away but this is a super drinkable seasonal offering.  Also, the linked review is great, spot on.
Southern Tier's Harvest is a 6.7 ABV Exra Special / Strong Bitter.  The appearance is copper, with a fresh spicy herbal citrus hop nose.  The taste is full of fall fruits and spice, giving way to that bitter citrusy hop finish.  Similar to the Southern Tier Pumking, this should be on your seasonal short list.  This has autumn written all over it.
Josephsbrau Heller Bock / Maibock is 7 ABV and 22 IBU.  The appearance is dark orange and the nose caramel malt.  The palate is bready caramel malt and earthy floral hop.  Finally Josephsbrau is offering something noteworthy, with a slightly higher abv and just more of a robust character.  Out of my recent mixed six of Josephsbrau selections this is the one I'd recommend trying.   It's worth noting Trader Joe's offers these beers at a fairly low price.
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Snow Roller from Magic Hat is a 6.2 ABV American Brown Ale.  The appearance is amber and the nose nutty sweet.  The flavor is hazelnut and sweet toffee malt with a bitter hop finish.  Mouthfeel is moderate and crisp but has a bit of a creaminess from the sweet character.  Objectively speaking Snow Roller is remarkably average, however, I'm very much enjoying this.  Magic Hat is a brewery that never seems to reach top tier but this is a highlight.  I definitely recommend.
Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Extra is a ~73 IBU 8.5 ABV ADIPA.  The appearance is orange with a zesty citrus hop nose and the flavor a great balance of sweet malt and bitter west coast citrus hop.  Additional wheat malts add to the sweetness and complexity in a nod to the standard Little Sumpin Sumpin.  The mouthfeel is slightly under moderate and the carbonation medium.  This is a home run from Laggy and a standout amongst a very crowded field.  The availability is seasonal, get it when you…