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EXCEPT many states now have OPEN carry laws so I can't just stay out of your damned house if I want to have MY RIGHT NOT TO BE AROUND DEADLY WEAPONS! I have NO idea if you're trained properly or if you're some right wing extremist, who are responsible for more terrorism on U.S. soil than Muslim extremists (according to the FBI).

Don't Like Guns ? Don't you try to hurt me or my family or attack me and mine in our home. You stay out of my house and life and we'll be just fine.

You're not bulletproof..., Fenrir A limited edition LWRC IC-A5 that was...

You're not bulletproof., Fenrir A limited edition LWRC that was.

The "Light Fifty's" Baby Brother: Barrett's 98B - American Rifleman

The "Light Fifty's" Baby Brother: Barrett's - American Rifleman

Victor Company USA 10/22 stock

Victor Company USA 10/22 stock

First Look: Browning 1911-22 A1 Black Label - Handguns

The new Browning Black Label comes with modern features that aren't available on previous models.

THIS!!  THIS IS AN ASSAULT WEAPON!!  WWII Stevens 520-30 Trench Gun

WWII Stevens Trench Gun/// I really want one of these, so um, if you feel so inclined, I wouldn't say no if you just kinda want to give me one.

It's otherwise completely unchanged from the AR-50A1 .50 BMG. It has a 30-inch barrel with a 1-in-12-inch twist which is capped with a massive 4-port muzzle brake. The .416 AR-50 uses the same V-Lock Bedding Wedge and V-Block Stock for utmost precision and repeatable accuracy. It has a Schilen single-stage trigger and a 15 MOA sight base. The .416 Barrett AR-50 weighs in at 34.7 pounds, with that muzzle brake, we expect this to be a very manageable shooter.

This rifle is just like the but chambered and re-barreled to accept the Barrett cartridge. Because of that, the Barrett boasts the same ArmaLite patented V-Block Bedding Wed

CAI Century C39V2 AK Style Rifle, 7.62x39, Milled Receiver, Magpul MOE Stock, USA Mfg, New.

Century semi auto rifle chambered for American made, this is the new updated Version 2 of the rifle, which is designed to use all standard AKM furniture. It features a milled receiver and a 16