Buddhism is the most important religion in the country and monks have a high status in Myanmar. Thanks to Buddhism, the country is now full of pagodas and temples. www.vietnamtourpedia.com/myanmar-tour-packages/

allasianflavours: Novice Monks- Studying Bagan by Marty Windle -Travel Photographer likes this ♥


“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” - Franz Kafka “ Silent walking by Naing Naing Tun ”

2. The day begins at 5:30 am with ritual chanting and meditation. This action is essential to the life of a monk but something that we should all do; take a break once in a while from the clutter of our lives.

‘Meditating Buddhist monk in Bangkok Temple, Thailand’ Canvas Print by ingojez

Dalai Lama de 2 años de edad, 1937.

The Dalai Lama ~ Age 2 ~ 1937 Tenzin Gyatso, the and current Dalai Lama, was selected as the tulku (student) of the Dalai Lama at age later becoming the Dalai Lama at age

I love that by the look of this little guy's cheeks, you can tell that he is smiling

People in Nepal do not greet one another with a handshake, but rather put their palms together and bow their forehead and say Namaste (directly translated as ‘I salute the God in youˇ).