suicideblonde:  Elizabeth Taylor

Jane Powell and Elizabeth Taylor with their children, 1955

Berlin (Erdinç Bakla archive)

Cover of "The Lesbians of Berlin" Writer : Ruth Roellig Preface by german sexologist and activist Magnus Hirschfeld. A relic of the Weimar Republic, before the rise of the Nazis


Dancer Harald Kreutzberg in Costume, Paris 1927 -by Madame d’Ora

Louxo's Enjoyables - zeroing:   Pu Kai girls

just have a photo album of my senior pictures, and have a bunch of photos of me doing stupid/funny stuff like this on the set of the shoot!


Male Bonding Through The Ages

Sebastian Droste was born Willy Knobloch in Hamburg in 1892. His father ran a…

Sebastian Droste

Meet Anita Berber: The ‘Priestess of Debauchery’ who scandalized Weimar Berlin

Anupama Chopra - Google+

Anupama Chopra - Google+