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This will be me in only days to come! Now that I have my horse, he just has to get used to the hay field. :D

If there is no sun or no happiness the only thing that could ever make my life better would be my companion my favorite thing,,, my horse!)One of my fondest memories, Pilot.

Sjoerd July 2011 fun day at the beach. Photos by Kevin Kidder Equine Excellence Photography.

This is one of those to do things on my bucket list. Always wanted to ride a horse on the beach

We called this field surfing! So much fun. But you have to run really fast. that looks like so much fun


Time for a ride in the country with wide open spaces. Cowboy and his horse with gorgeous field and beautiful blue skies with huge white clouds. A perfect day for a bareback ride!

Bareback is amazing. Being able to feel each muscle as it tightens. Being able to feel each and every move this 1200 pound animal is performing beneath you. It's beautiful, and I miss it so much. Definitely see a much needed bareback ride in my future.

♥♥♥Today I am so grateful that God knows my heart. Others may misjudge my intentions, judge my words and deeds, find fault, or blame what they truly do not understand. But God knows my heart. He knows I am learning, I am trying, I am a work in progress. I am becoming all He created me to be.♥♥♥

I am a work in progress, I will trust in the Lord, and I will keep my faith strong. For I know the roads I am given will make me a stronger person. I am growing as I go on these adventures with good attentions. Stay Strong Beautiful Things Are In Store!

"Every day I am grateful for moments like these." #EquestrianQuote

Horse quote, every day I am grateful for moments like these. I don't get a lot of time with horses, so I'm grateful if i see one while riding down the road.

My right wing, I would be forever flying in circles without my horse.

dont let anyone say tht a horse is just a horse and is not ur soulmate tell them yes it is it also made me what i am today and move on that even happend to me i live to ride a horse is my life