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Hospitality is in your hands when you have a case of Coca-Cola 1940s

1949 Coca Cola Ad, Coke, Coca-Cola collectible or wall art vintage advertising art collectible wall decor print

Designed for Hospitality - Coca Cola - 1949

Designed for Hospitality - Coca Cola - 1949 Why Coke is so hospitable you can even crack open and drink one in the store for FREE!

Dietz Dolls - 1940s Style Pinup Photography

A new Coca-Cola themed pinup today featuring Brie in this tropical setting of Oahu to commemorate the slow ending of summer (though for California the temperatures are still hot! Why not crack open a nice Coca Cola today?

thepieshops:Coke On The Job Keeps Workers Refreshed on Flickr.Ice-cold Coca-Cola helps you or the man who works for you be really refreshed.

Recently we had posted article about vintage Pepsi Cola advertising. Most of us are well aware about the Cola War. So we thought it would be a great idea to share some of vintage Coca Cola ads also…

Vintage Coca-Cola

Vintage Coke/ Coca-Cola Advertisements (Page of Miscellaneous Years

Vintage Coca Cola Ad

1920 - Coca-Cola advertising I think this would have been one of the more popular soda drinks in the 1920