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Dreamy engagement photo shoot by Artworks Tulsa Photography. #wedding…

such pretty engagement photos! love the light, softness, and intimacy. Gotta do for my wedding in the future (: Isn't this adorable?

W'd have to wait till dark, but this pic totally possible out there at Palmettos on the Bayou

Wedding photo idea - silhouette against lights. I'd prefer the lights be more neatly hung but love the idea.

Have 2 photographers... One to get the bride's entrance and one to get the groom's reaction to her

When these grooms saw their brides for the first time. I love pictures that capture amazing groom reactions. Must make the bride feel that much more special ♡

“Once one looks at the other through the lens of the past, that power and its attendant strategies are transferred to the new person, the new moment, but with the agenda, the script, and the predictable outcome of the first go around.” — Dr. James Hollis, Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives

SILHOUETTE WEDDING PHOTOS Getting ready for a photoshoot? Here are some inspiring photos. Silhouette photos shot from a distance capture grandiose and drama by juxtaposing the shadow of your bride and.

Stunning! We love how this creative photo captures all of the intricacies of the bride's gown.

Different perspective on the "dress shot" Works with dresses with a lot of layers. Would probably place a flash at the back of the dress to show more detail or increase the ISO.