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2015.5.28 兄がトイレ行っているスキに二個GET #bostonterrier#ボストンテリア

What a cute Boston Terrier! My neighbors Boston eats all the squeakers out of her toys and tends to look just like this!

Boston Terrier

There's a breed of dog for every person and lifestyle. But just because a certain breed is a match f.

That's cute!

PERFECT markings on this Boston Terrier! So elegant and sophisticated! No wonder they are called the "Gentleman's Dog," but I love my little "pirate" Boston too!

Me too X2

Boston Terrier - Friendly and Bright

.   Let me get dirty once in a while. let me go back to my wild roots every now and then.

These important reminders should serve you well as awesome Boston Terrier owners.

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The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the United States.They are friendly and can be stubborn at times. The average life sp.