Most easy way to cut glass bottles and reuse it for your decorations | My desired home

Most easy way to cut glass bottles and reuse it for your decorations

Wine bottle glasses-great recycling idea but how do you cut and smooth the edges?

from wine bottles

recycled wine bottle glasses {bee in our bonnet} you have any idea how many wine bottles we have? and then we can etch them!

You will love these upcycled wine bottle craft ideas,

40 Spine-tingling Upcycled Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

Rewined: Candles made from repurposed wine bottles. By: Stitch Design Co., a Charleston based design studio.

Empty wine bottles used as candle holders, filled with soy wax. (Pictured: Rewined Candles, with wax seals color-coded according to varietal scent.

Recycled wine bottle business card holder brochure by HarrachGlass, $22.50  recycled wine bottle, recycled, wine bottle art,office accessories,glass art

Business Card Holder: cell phone. holder. desk. recycled wine bottle. organizer. mail. melted wine bottle. display. brochure. kitchen. table

Recycled Wine Bottle Spoon Rest by JellybugArtworks on Etsy

Recycled Wine Bottle Spoon Rest


How To Easily Cut The Bottom Off A Wine Bottle -- (I would try this outside first. Don't know if there are any small fractures in the bottle when the 2 pieces split in the cold water. Interesting idea and definitely worth a try.