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Otter Is Shy and Hides Behind Keeper’s Legs


Demonstrating a keen sense for decor and cosutme, the group of playful Asian Small-clawed Otters at the Newport Aquarium have been up to all kinds of spooktacular activities! Photo Credit: Newport Aquarium

Paws for Some Fun: Happy Halloween from ZooBorns!

Sea otters are at the top of the marsh food chain and eat large species of crabs. These crabs feed on small “micro-grazers” that help to control algae. Algae has the potential to take over an entire marine ecosystem, taking up all the water’s oxygen and blocking out sunlight for plants and animals.

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Otter waits breathlessly for a treat - March 14, 2016

Otter Waits Breathlessly for a Treat

Otter waits breathlessly for a treat - March 2016

i just want to squish it in a big warm hug xD

Cute Baby Animals Drinking From Bottles




Sneaky otter

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La riscossa delle lontre, regine dei fiumi

Eurasian Otters, Shetland Islands Photograph by Charlie Hamilton James In the Shetland Islands a mother and two male cubs listen intently to the clicking of the photographer’s camera. The nose of the cub at right had a recent encounter with a crab.