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CFB Baden Solingen, Germany, middle 1980's #441 "Silver Foxes" RCAF's last F-104 Starfighter squadron.

Canadair Starfighter - Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Canada - killed more pilots (avionics & design) than any other widely used production fighter. barring that - the most sensational post war fighter! 'The Right Stuff!

De Havilland Caribou

De Havilland of Canada Caribou. This STOL military transport can, with a strong headwind, take off literally straight up - amazing to watch.

Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow RL204 ca1958

A delta-winged interceptor aircraft that was the pride of Avro and Canada. Introduced on 4 October It may have been capable of Mach Mysteriously cancelled 20 February 1959 under much controversy and put Avro out of business.


Picture of Ling-Temco-Vought Corsair II Jet Fighter Plane and information

XP-67 Moonbat

Did McDonnell design the world’s first stealth aircraft … before Pearl Harbor? By Steve Pace Founded by James S. McDonnell in the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation (McAir) became a major supplie.

Микоян  МИГ-21МФ фронтовой  истребитель

Микоян МИГ-21МФ фронтовой истребитель


“Black Knights” Break Sound Barrier – Chris M. Valdez

Breaking the sound barrier. Military jets used to do this all the time over our house in rural Maine.breaking the sound barrier.