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Biting Tattoo Fingers

Funny pictures about Zombie finger. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie finger. Also, Zombie finger photos.

I prayed for a tattoo removal - http://gags101.com/i-prayed-for-a-tattoo-removal/

Funny pictures about Bad grammar is a sin. Oh, and cool pics about Bad grammar is a sin. Also, Bad grammar is a sin.

3-D tatoo

Funny pictures about Not a real pen. Oh, and cool pics about Not a real pen. Also, Not a real pen.

Must have this..

Funny pictures about Bruce Lee Tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Bruce Lee Tattoo. Also, Bruce Lee Tattoo photos.

This super cool, highly detailed, black, white, and red dagger and snake tattoo looks awesome as an arm tattoo, chest tattoo, or placed anywhere you like! Traditionally a snake and dagger tattoo symbo

Cool Snake Tattoo

This snake tattoo is truly a depiction of what an actual snake would look like while he’s angry.

One tattoo design that you may want to consider is the sugar skull tattoo. Sugar skull tattoos are not a main stream tattoo, but they do have a popularity. Sugar skulls are a proud symbol of the Mexican culture. Sugar skull tattoo designs can be.

Funny pictures about Trampoline hand tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Trampoline hand tattoo. Also, Trampoline hand tattoo.

I've seen this in black and white but it's a lot better in color

Beautiful color use! I have always wanted to draw this concept of birds coming from a feather but I haven't yet :)

Tutto per la panza...

For her second tranche of work, Chooo-San painted lifelike zips, buttons and shoes laces to the skin of her willing friends to give the illusion they are bursting at the seams. This is a great optical illusion tat. The quality is amazing.

inothernews:  Probably my favorite tattoo ever. (Photo of Lotte van den Acker, from Brunssum, Holland and the vintage 1970s Asahi Pentax 35mm SLR tatooed onto her forearm by Helma van der Weide — the tattoo artist and Lotte’s mother — Rex Features via The Telegraph)

Bad-tattoo: Say Cheese Katrina N. from Delta, British Columbia sent us this photo by Helma van der Weide, who also inked this tattoo! This is one way to make sure you’re never without a camera. I WANT THIS!