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Hi!Talking about CD and DVD drivers, they are awesome! You can find many cool and valuable(for a hobbist) things inside them to use in your projects. There are so many things that you can do with one or more of these drivers that you will be impressed.This instructable is about this, reusing the parts from a old/dead CD or DVD driver. After disassembling many of these drivers i could learn its tricks and know what can be done with them, now I want to share this specific knowledge with…
Before I start this guide, I would like to make one thing clear SIM CLONING is illegal. This tutorial should be used for educational purposes only. First off a little introduction about SIM CARD: O…
sweet sweet weaponry!
Tesla coil Plasma Gun
Bipolar transistor construction ~ Electrical Engineering World
Electricity explained
I really want to use wireless electric induction in my gaming table. Just imagine, all the terrain and miniatures lit and motorised without the need for switches or batteries!
1 - 200 Transistor Circuits