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propaganda posters encouraging limits of speech

Uncle Sam wants you for the U.S Army

american propaganda poster selective service, the americans wanted all men to enlist in the military and take action against their enemies

A man sits in an armchair, a girl on his knee. The caption reads: 'Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?'

World War I British propaganda poster, designed by Savile Lumley and commissioned by The British Parliamentary Recruiting Committee,

Arthur Zimmerman was the German foreign secretary who sent a telegram to Mexico, encouraging them to go to war with the U.S. in exchange for lost territory.

How America entered WWI; Jan German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann inviting Mexico into alliance as a belligerent by telegram, intercepted and decoded by British naval intelligence.

This is a cartoon of the Treaty of Versailles. It shows that the United Kingdom, France, and The United States are telling Germany that they have to deal with the treaty, and that they have no say on what goes on.

The Treaty of Versailles required Germany to pay war reparations and establish peace. This cartoon is portraying that peace would not come easily from all of the nations and laws would come along with the peace.