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Bamboo Sculptures by Anne Crumpacker

Texture: actual texture:Anne Crumpacker is a Portland, Oregon artist who works with bamboo.

A black and white photo of a bunch of bolts. The random assortment of sizes, and angles creating different reflections keep it interesting.

Merging botanical forms from England with the delicate plant shapes from her childhood in Japan, ceramic artist Hitomi Hosono produces delicate layered sculptures that appear as frozen floral arrangements. Often monochromatic, the works are focused on car

Textures Patterns, Chain Links, Color Photography, Rust, Peeling Paint, Deep Sea, Wabi Sabi, Ropes, Serenity

This is an excellent example of TEXTURE. When you look at this art work you can see the sharp, pointy ends. In your mind you can imagine what those pointy ends would feel like -- looks like a Dahlia flower

[CasaGiardino] Beauty in nature presented in an unconventional way. (balsiek: 45881 Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ by horticultural art)

This piece is an example of pattern and texture because of the pattern that the piece makes. The wooden sculpture looks like rocks which seem to have a smooth texture. The light and dark also create visual interest and increases appeal.

Stalasso: Experiments in Structural Columns Formations, CNC milled acrylic by Neri Oxman mimics the formation of minerals to reinforce architecture and industrial design.