armedskeeter:  Source

armedskeeter: Source

Robot arm but with just my real hand covered in moisturiser and paint (makeup highlighter?) to make it look shiny and fake?

Titanfall sniper pilot

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The comprehensive resource for Titanfall weapons, including ammo types, weapon strategies, and weapon locations!

Fenopy body

The Alternative Tentacles Crew The Alternative Tentacles Crew consists of Captain Stinky the infamous Caroline Fenopy, Mr.

Like A Zerg, But With Better Manners

Like A Zerg, But With Better Manners

Like a Zerg, But With Better Manners: Milan Nikolic is a concept artist and illustrator from Serbia. You can see more of Milan’s work at his ArtStation page

Art concept sci fi

Robot Pilot Girl Concept by *Zeronis # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android

personal work. (Whoa, cool)

spacegirl by woo kim Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art