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From TOP: Pictorial Records Photo Book --- smoking hot

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TOP 10 Kpop ABS TOP is the only one that can make a list like that fully clothed and still have us swooning lol!

Top is always making girls have a heart attack srsly hes almost murdering them (us)

Bahah I cant!!!! GD you are too much!!! While Seungri is coming to full realization XD

Bahah I cant! GD you are too much! While top is coming to full realization XD

Choi Seunghyun a.k.a. T.O.P. - The hitman. Right-hand man of the dragon. First in line. The colour of his bullets fitting his hair colour - a present from his boss.


if this bastard ever look at me like this,i swear i will pee in my pants<<< 😂