Rescue workers searching through the damaged town to identify the dead after a Luftwaffe bombing; Coventry, England - 15 November 1940 Photo by George Rodger
Coventry flattened after the Blitz (Getty Images).
Residents of Coventry salvaging what they can from their destroyed homes the morning after a Luftwaffe bombing - 15 November 1940       Photo by George Rodger
Broadgate after an air raid.  Coventry, England was repeatedly bombed during the German Blitzes of 1940-41.  The worst night was Nov. 14th, 1940 when 500 tons of explosive and 900 incendiaries fell on the city.  This is the city the morning after.
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Cathedral in Coventry, England.
Despite being in near ruins thanks to nightly visits from the Luftwaffe, a rare services, like this one here, were still held in the shell of the Coventry Cathedral after its gutting by fire during the Blitz, 1944
Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England. Ruins of bombed out cathedral
14 & 15 Spon Street, Coventry