Fashion designer Arena Page flirts with mathematics and beauty. Her "Simple Complexity Complex Simplicity" collection is inspired by the Möbius strip and plays with the use of experimental design.

Architectural Fashion Design with structural panels & fine thread detail; 3D fashion construction // Winde Rienstra

Architectural Fashion Design - dress with angular shapes structural construction;

Fierce and edgie look omgggg now this is justt fierce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alanna Whitaker by Ichikawa (The Magnificent Flirt - Fiercive 64 Summer Apparently GUNDAM has invaded the fashion world.

Amazing design

Fashion as Art - dress with layered shapes & graphic silhouette; geometric fashion // photography, A Prada spring/summer 2014 ad campaign featuring Elena Molly Murgu Photographed by Mert & Marco

Architectural Fashion- Alexandra Verschueren, 2009. WHO WOULD WEAR THIS?!?!

Bad Design Wearable Art - experimental fashion design with connective structure - fashion architecture;

Dresses inspired by gothic cathedrals by Matija Cop (textile student)

experimental fashion - ‘Object is a series of experimental fashion designs by Matija Čop. The Croatian designer drew inspiration from the beauty and re.


Sculptural Fashion - shape, dimension, movement, contrast - Amelia Agosta - could be twisted to make roses?

Yuri Pardi incorporates geometric blocks into Monument graduate fashion collection.

Yuri Pardi 's incredible, monumental dress forms are like sculptures, architecture, or landforms I love them! Yuri has just gradua.

Sculptural Fashion - skeletal armour; dark fashion; wearable art // Nika Danielska

Sculptural Fashion - skeletal armour; dark fashion; wearable art // Nika Danielska